Things That Make You Go MFM

We are a happily married mid thirties couple who uses tumblr to share and explore our fantasies.

We like to post and share images we find, usually about threesomes, swinging, classy amateurs, black and white erotica or lingerie. Look closely and you may even find some of our own images.

You’re welcome to submit pictures, ask us anything or reblog any photo. Feel free to touch yourself viewing them.

NOTE: Any images unless otherwise stated are not owned by me and are found on tumblr or other locations on the internet. If you are the owner of an image and wish to have it removed from this blog, please notify me and include a link to the post/image in question and it shall be removed.Due to certain content contained within, this blog is for mature participants only. If you are under the age required by the laws in your jurisdiction to view sexually explicit materials, please leave this blog immediately.